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If there is any point of my life that I would like to story about, it would be the few months I've had with the Juice team. It is actually surprising how much these people have impacted me judging on the amount of "work" I had on my desk. I barely had the chance to speak to anyone or in this case, work with anyone at all. But it was the after working hours that brought out the shine in everyone. Maybe it is the fact that I am a people-person that I get attached to nice people really easily, these people are humble and they have fun with anyone in general regardless if you're uncool. Ok, maybe not. But I DID have fun with them and I'm glad I made friends with most of them :3 On my last day at work, I was surprised to have many of my colleagues to join me for drinks, judging that I barely speak to them in office (just in parties, I'm a total different person when I have a beer on my hand). Appreciate the love :) Keep in touch guys!



If you noticed, there's a drastic change in my wardorbe compared to my usual summer-time crop tops and denim shorts. I've been spending my fortune on a whole new look I'm carrying - erratically splurging on sweaters of different designs, colours, and patterns. Over reacting you say? How about I tell you that I had to limit my shopping to only an item a month! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, but a poor girl's gotta start living on a budget. 

We think too much. 
(Too much Tumblr and Pinterest)


As most of you already know, I recruited some new members to the family to bring in some light into my boring life. 


A lil update : Classes have already started and life is now a little more unentertaining. It has now proceeded to the usual 8am classes and a smack of a 4 hour break in between with nothing to do. So on usual days, I'm just a boring uni student, doing boring uni stuff.

While typing this, I am feeling slightly feverish and having bad muscle aches all over my thighs. I went for a hardcore cardio day at the gym this afternoon after class and I was quite impressed with what I managed to put up with. After a couple of unhealthy internship months, adding on with the alcohol and late night mamak, I need to get back into shape before I gain back the weight I lost perviously. And dude, it wasn't easy. 

Till then, i'll see yall in the next post.

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